Vinny Fiorino, Manager of Communications & Marketing

Vinny Fiorino

Working in sports has been a passion of mine for my entire life, so much so that I received an undergraduate degree in Sport Management from Gonzaga University in May 2016. (Go Zags!) Growing up in Tacoma, Wash., I first learned the game from my dad and I have been fortunate enough to play golf for most of my life. I am very excited to join the team and help with the continued growth of the game throughout the Pacific Northwest.

How did you first find out about the Association?

I first found out about the Association a few years ago when I was talking with one of the Association's rules officials who actually encouraged me to look into working in golf as a possible career path.

What is your favorite part about living in the Pacific Northwest? And what's your favorite outdoor activity?

My favorite part of the Pacific Northwest is the scenery, specifically Western Washington. Going to college in Eastern Washington really made me appreciate living in an area where there are mountains, trees, and water all over. When it comes to outdoors my favorite activity is golfing, but I just enjoy being outdoors in general.