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Club Representatives


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...the WSGA Club Representative page! Club Representatives serve as a liaison between the Association and their Club, and the purpose of this page is to keep you informed on what is happening at our organization and how we can better serve you!

If you have any questions about the program, or how to get involved, please contact the WSGA Membership Department. Thank you!



Club Representative News

New World Handicap System Prepares for Implementation Beginning in 2020

World Handicap System

Golf’s new World Handicap System, which is designed to bring the game of golf under a single set of Rules for handicapping

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National Golf Foundation Releases 2019 Golf Industry Report

National Golf Foundation Releases Golf Industry Report

The National Golf Foundation (NGF), the only trade organization that works with every sector within the golf industry

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USGA and R&A to adopt new protocol for video review; will eliminate scorecard penalty

USGA and R&A to adopt new protocol for video review

A working group led by the USGA and R&A has unanimously agreed to adopt a new set of protocols for video review when applying the Rules of Golf.

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Governor Inslee Proclaims May as Washington Golf Month; Golf Alliance of Washington releases Economic Impact Study

Governor Proclaims May as Washington Golf Month

Governor Jay Inslee signed a proclamation today at the state capitol in Olympia

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VIDEO: Governor Inslee Proclaims May 2017 as Washington Golf Month

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Handicap Chair Occupies Important Seat at the Table

By Joey Flyntz, USGA

Whether you belong to a small online golf club or are a member of a large green-grass facility, one of your peers is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of everyone’s scoring record and Handicap Index®: the handicap chair.

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USGA deepens commitment to growing golf through 2017 PLAY9 program

With a broader focus on golf at the local level, the USGA has rolled out plans in support of the PLAY9 program, with several courses in the WSGA territory holding a series of events on the ninth day of each month

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New Rules of Golf Decision Limits Use of Video Review, Effective Immediately

USGA Limits Use of Video Replay

The USGA and R&A have issued a new Decision on the Rules of Golf to limit the use of video evidence in the game, effective immediately.

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National Survey Finds That Most Private Clubs Promote Sustainability

Three out of every four private clubs pursue sustainability, and the majority of clubs that don’t have sustainable practices plan to implement them in the future. This is just one of the key findings of the Environmental Behaviors & Practices survey, the first study of its kind to evaluate the environmental practices of private clubs across the United States.

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USGA and R&A Work with Handicap Authorities to Develop a Single World Handicap System

Driving Distance Study

The USGA and R&A are working with golf’s handicapping authorities to develop a single World Handicap System for the game.

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Club Representative Directory

If any of the below information changes, please contact the WSGA Membership Department.

To sort, click on a column header. If a first name is green and underlined, mouse over it to see a photo!

Club Name First Name Last Name
211 Golf Association Rita Wilson
Aldarra Golf Club – Mens Club Skip Horn
Alderbrook Golf Club – Mens Club Gary Fields
Alderbrook Golf Club – Womens Club Jean Fields
Allenmore Public Golf Course – Mens Club John Mayfield
American Lake Veterans Golf Co – Mixed William Jackson
Apple Tree Golf Course – Mens Club Michael Schlosser
Apple Tree Golf Course – Womens Club Marlene O’Halloran
At Large Robin Anderson
At Large Chris Barnes
At Large Betty Barr
At Large Bill Bergsten
At Large Tom Brandes
At Large Char Burrill
At Large Joyce Cole
At Large Matt Cole
At Large James Enyeart
At Large Bob Erickson
At Large Barbara Fortier
At Large Linda Geddes
At Large Suellen Hamm
At Large John Harbottle
At Large Pat Harrop-Schumacher
At Large Grace Hege
At Large Frank Horton
At Large Chris Indall
At Large Brien Jacobsen
At Large Thomas Johnson
At Large Marty Johnson
At Large Mike Johnston
At Large Cathy Kay
At Large Mike Kemppainen
At Large Ed Klein
At Large Sue Lavack
At Large Kaydee Mounce
At Large Ron Nelson
At Large Mary Odonnell
At Large John Phillips
At Large Paul Ramsdell
At Large Bruce Richards
At Large Lloyd Sinclair
At Large Jon Sitkin
At Large Ben Stodghill
At Large Terry Storey
At Large Margery Thorgrimson
At Large Barbara Tracy
At Large Frank Vick
At Large John Wagner
At Large Elden Williams
At Large Roger Young
Atlantic Pacific National Golf – Golf Club Durel Billy
Auburn Golf Course – Mens Club Steve Bosley
Avondale Golf Club – Mens Club Mike Meehan
Avondale Golf Club – Womens Club Anna Whipple
Bear Creek Country Club – Womens Club Joan Yankis
Bega Men’s Club – Bega Mens Club Benson Grinspan
Bega Women’s Club – Bega Women Kathy Landino
Bellevue Golf Course – Men’s Club Brad Barnett
Bellevue Golf Course – Womens Club Nancy Daly
Bellingham Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Mark Cockrell
Bellingham Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Theresa Cockrell
Big and Little Dudes Golf Club – Bld Kevin Chang
Big Bend Golf Club – Womens Club Jeri Stone
Broadmoor Golf Club – Mens Club George Jonson
Broadmoor Womens Golf Club – Womens Club Nancy Carr
Brookdale Golf Club – Mens Club Gordon Flattum
Brookdale Golf Club – Womens Club Carole Whitmire
Camaloch Golf Club – Mens Club Bill McGlashan
Camaloch Golf Club – Womens 9 Sandi Gascoigne
Camaloch Golf Club – Womens Club Patti Cahan
Canterwood Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Larry Gilhuly
Capitol City Golf Club – Mens Club Dave Clark
Capitol City Golf Club – Womens Club Trina Arnott
Cedarcrest Municipal GC – Sr. Men’s Club Doug Nordstrom
Chambers Bay Golf Club – Chamber Bay GC Zac Keener
Clarkston Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Randy Hair
Desert Aire G&CC – Men’s Club Tim Seawel
Desert Aire G&CC – Womens Club Cathy Sahli
Discovery Bay Golf Course – Womens Club Wanda Synnestvedt
Dominion Meadows Golf Course – Men’s Club Kent Brown
Donnybrook Golf Association – Mens Club Jeff King
Eastside Senior Men’s GA – Eastside Sr. Randy Shaw
Ellensburg Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Steve Yocom
Enumclaw Golf Club – Mens Club Gomer Evans
Everett Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Alex Stamey
Everett Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Dee Hanich
Fairwood Golf and Country Club – Mens Club Scott Cruikshank
Fairwood Golf and Country Club – Womens Club Jane Sossamon
Fil-Am Golf Assn – Mens Club Chris Zablan
Fircrest Golf Club – Mens Club Luke Wilson
Fircrest Golf Club – Womens Club Sharon Johnston
Fort Steilacoom Golf Course – Womens Club Martha Regan
Foster Golf Club – Womens Club Alice Humbert
Gallery Golf Course – Womens Club Jerry Crabtree
Gig Harbor Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Gordy Anderson
Glen Acres Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Gregory Baker
Glen Acres Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Crystal Baker
Glendale Country Club – Mens Club Bill Meyer
Gleneagle Golf Course – Mens Club Darren Wake
Gold Mountain Golf Club – Mens Club Steve Decoy
Gold Mountain Golf Club – Womens Club Barbara Chiado
Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club – Women’s Club Lynn Smith
Grays Harbor Country Club – Mens Club Carl Sperring
Grays Harbor Country Club – Womens Club Gretchen Klein
Greater Seattle Women’s Public – Golf Assn Carol Zuvela
Hayden Lake Country Club – Mens Club Ed Burke
Hayden Lake Country Club – Womens Club Karen Enich
High Cedars Golf Club – Womens Club Nancy Baydo
Ibew Golf Association – Mens Club Ron Atkielski
Inglewood Golf Club – Mens Club Bill Crisp
Inglewood Golf Club – Womens Club Sally Walker
Interbay Golf Club – Mens Club Noah Van Loen
Jackson Park Golf Course – Jackson Jills Roberta Robbins
Kalispel Golf & Country Club – Ladies 18 Taryn Hutchins
Kalispel Golf & Country Club – Mens Club John Schroeder
Kayak Point Golf Club – Mens Club Gene Miles
Kayak Point Golf Club – Womens Club Patti Cahan
Kenwanda Golf Course – Mens Club Ted Edwards
Kitsap Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Ernest Lockwood
Kitsap Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Nancy Pendergraft
Lake Limerick Golf Club – Mens Club Jerry Nokes
Lake Padden Golf Course – Senior Mens 18 Roger Long
Lake Padden Golf Course – Womens Club Wendy Galasso
Lake Wilderness Golf Club – Ladies Club Cherie McDaniels
Lakeland Village G&CC – Mens Club Phil Beste
Lakeland Village G&CC – Womens Club Anne Beste
Lakeview Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Matt Campbell
Leavenworth Golf Club – Womens Club Mary Landdeck
Lewiston Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Michael Welling
Liberty Lake Golf Course – Over the Hill Gang David Rolando
Linden Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Ron Hovey
Longview Country Club – Womens Club Joan Holbrook
Lynnwood Municipal Golf Course – Mens Club Joel Stufflebeam
Lynnwood Municipal Golf Course – Womens Club Virginia Devos
Manito Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Steve Prugh
Manito Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Anita Walsh
Maplewood Golf Club – Womens Club Kren Maguire
McCormick Woods Golf Club – Mens Club Duncan Sturrock
McCormick Woods Golf Club – Womens Club Marydeane Furstenwerth
Meadow Park Golf Course – Mens Club Joe Derichsweiler
Meadow Springs Country Club – Mens Club Robert Black
Meadowmeer Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Erin Thomasson
Meadowwood Golf Course – Mens Club Randy Allen
Meridian Valley Country Club – Mens Club Ryan Thrower
Meridian Valley Country Club – Womens Club Judy Thompson
Mill Creek Country Club – Mens Club Greg Brown
Mill Creek Country Club – Womens Club Stacy Brown
Mint Valley Golf Club – Mens Club Jay Davies
Mint Valley Golf Club – Womens Club Betty Rush
Mirror Lake Golf Club – Mens Club William Gutknecht
Mirror Lake Golf Club – Womens Club Julie Williams
Mount Si Golf Club – Mens Club Dennis Amonsen
Mount Si Golf Club – Womens Club Pat Hinneburg
Nile Shrine Golf Club – Mountlake Men Roger Francis
Oakbrook Golf Club – Men’s Club Dick Fisk
Oakbrook Golf Club – Womens Club Patty Dice
Ocean Shores Golf Course – Mens Club Mark Ames
Olympia Country & Golf Club – Mens Club Doug Bohlke
Olympia Country & Golf Club – Womens Club Lynda Thorpe
Olympic View Men’s Club – 18 Hole Mens Cary Gregory
Overlake Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Michael Crowson
Overlake Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Leslie Byrnes
Palouse Ridge Golf Club – Men’s Assoc. Dan Jendro
Pinoy Golf Club of Wa State – Pinoy Golf Club Richard Kaiura
Port Gardner Women’s Club – Ella Larrick
Port Ludlow Golf Club – Men’s GA Ken Avicola
Priest Lake Golf Course – Womens Club Judith Bischoff
Rainier Golf & Country Club – Mens Club John Jacobs
Rainier Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Jeanne Link
Riverbend Golf Complex – Ladies GA Lynne Crandall
Riverbend Golf Complex – Mens Club Steve Kay
Riverbend Golf Complex – Mens Club Stephen Kay
Riverside Golf Club – Mens Club Gordon Shewfelt
Rolling Hills Golf Club – Mens Club Garry Ried
Sage Hills Golf Club – Womens Club Marci Stokke
Sahalee Country Club – Mens Club Alex Hinrichs
Sahalee Country Club – Womens Club Sue Ursino
San Juan Golf & Tennis Club – Womens Club Diane Olshefsky
Sand Point Country Club – Mens Club Brady McMullin
Sand Point Country Club – Womens Club Anni Shelley
Sand Point Country Club – Womens Club Ann Swanson
Seattle Firefighters Golf Club – Mens Club Gary Martin
Seattle Golf Club – Mens Club Jack Lamey
Seattle Golf Club – Womens Club Linda Walker
Seattle Women’s Golf Assn – Swga Teresa Miller
Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Joe Sothy
Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Janet Kelleher
Skagit Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Jen Dibiase
Snohomish Golf Course – Mens Club Darrell Stubblefield
Snohomish Golf Course – Womens Club Christine Harper
Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course – Mens Club Tony Berger
Stoneridge Golf Course – Mens Club Jack Matuska
Sudden Valley G&CC – Men’s Club Rick Larrabee
Sun Dance Golf Course – Womens Club Linda Metcalfe
Suntides Golf Course – Womens Club Sally Anderson
Surfside Golf Course – Mens Club Robert Sanderson
Tacoma Country & Golf Club – Mens Club Doug Rohner
Tacoma Country & Golf Club – Womens Club Sue Lorenz
Tam O’shanter G&CC – Mens Club Paul Binder
Tam O’shanter G&CC – Womens Club Lori Arnevick
The Cedars @ Dungeness – Mens Club Mr. Osborn
The Cedars @ Dungeness – Womens Club Lisa Ballantyne
The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge – Mens Club Jon Hessen
The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge – Womens Club Melissa Johnson
The First Tee Greater Seattle – Boys 18 Evan Johnson
The First Tee of Yakima – Boys Mollie Thola
The Golf Club at Hawks Prairie – Men’s Club Pete Hovde
The Golf Club at Hawks Prairie – Womens Club Phyllis Fountain
The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge – Mens Club Michael Nitso
The Highlands Golf Course – Mens Club Jack Evans
The Home Course – Men’s Club Doug Schwab
The Home Course – Women’s Club Robin McClymonds
Three Rivers Golf Course – Mens Club Ray Monroe
Tumwater Valley Golf Course – Mens Club Phil Kelley
Tumwater Valley Golf Course – Womens Club Robin McClymonds
Twin Lakes Village – Ladies 18 Mary Bunn
Twin Rivers Golf Course – Ladies 18 Susan Hurst
Useless Bay G&CC – Womens Club Barbara Lindahl
Vashon Island G&CC – Mens Club Mark Hanna
Vashon Island G&CC – Womens Club Eileen Buskirk
Walla Walla Country Club – Womens Club Sarah Michelson
Washington Athletic Club – Mens Club Dave Scurlock
Washington Athletic Club – Womens Club Lisa Noji
Wayne Golf Course – Womens Club Dawn Rumpf
Wenatchee Golf & Country Club – Womens Club Fay Beltz
West Richland Golf Course – Mens Club David Tubbs
West Seattle Golf Course – West Seattle GC Michael Hilsenkopf
Whispering Firs Golf Club – Womens Club Buzz Catalinich
White Horse Golf Club – Women’s Club Cherie Calahan
Willows Run Golf Club – Womens Club Lisa Stix
Wing Point Golf & Country Club – Mens Club Gary Rees
Wswpla – Wswpla Felicia Hudlow
Yakima Country Club – Mens Club Colin Malone
Yakima Country Club – Womens Club Robin Cole
Yakima Elks G&CC – Womens Club Janet Hall

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