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Score Posting and Handicapping Tidbits

Score Posting and Handicapping Tidbits:

Well, our score posting season begins in four weeks, so there is no better time than now to review your score posting responsibilities:

• The WSGA observes a period each year (November 15th to the last day of February) in which scores from rounds played within the boundaries of the WSGA are never acceptable for handicap purposes.

• When posting a score, the preferable method is always to post immediately after the round at the club where the round was played. Posting via the Internet or any other method should be a secondary option.

• If you play a round in an area that is still accepting scores for handicap purposes, (even if the WSGA is observing the inactive winter season) you must post those scores as soon as practicable. Speaking on behalf of your Handicap Chairman, please do not bring a bundle of cards back for them to post for you. Please post them yourself per the recommendations above.

• If your club has made you inactive because you have not yet paid your 2015 dues, you can still post the scores at the club where the round was played, but as an inactive member, you cannot post via the Internet.

• The USGA Handicap Indexes of every active WSGA Member will be updated on the 1st and the 15th of every month even if the WSGA is in a non-score posting period.


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