New to Golf?

New to Golf?

Considering taking up golf? You really should! The state of Washington has a plethora of courses, from the famous to the infamous, some that are very "New Golfer" friendly, and others that should be tackled by the likes of Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson. In fact, in Washington we have many 9-hole golf courses, par-3 courses, and "short" courses (those on which all the holes are of short yardages), and even the full-size courses have tee boxes set forward specifically for new golfers.

Most golf facilities have special rates for new golfers, and for those who are bringing new golfers with them. Often, courses will offer preferred rates to those who bring along a young golfer, or a child, and they often have Family Nights, with special rates after certain hours in the afternoon.

Getting started really doesn't have to be all that difficult or cost prohibitive. Ask around to borrow a friend's old clubs, or most golf courses have clubs you can rent. Maybe the best way is to head out to a driving range and whack a few balls – it doesn't matter where the balls go; just get the feel of taking a swing at that little white ball. Most golf courses have a Golf Professional on staff, and their main job is help people with the game. Maybe consider take lessons, either individually or grab a few friends for a group lesson.

The Washington State Golf Association wants to make every effort to support new golfers. Please visit this website again, as we plan to start featuring courses throughout the state that host "New to Golf" Clinics and other new golfer opportunities. If you have any questions, please contact us!


  • Did you know you can play golf just for F-U-N? (In fact, we encourage it!)
    Get Ready For Golf

    "It's Okay" Golf: It's okay not to play by the rules, it's okay to tee up your ball in the fairway, it's okay to take your ball out of the bunker, it's okay to move your ball away from a tree. In fact, it's okay to pick up and go to the next hole if you've had enough "fun" for that hole and it's okay to not even keep score. [If you're a traditional golfer, please avoid frowning at this thought now. The "It's Okay" approach may not be golf to you, but it could be to someone else.]


  • Get Golf Ready (GGR) is the best, low-stress way to get into the game of golf (Click on the link to find the nearest program).

    At a very reasonable price, you (and a friend to make it even more fun), can get 7.5 hours of group golf instruction, including a complete orientation to the game (on topics like etiquette and rules, where any question is a good one), some fun on-course experiences and even loaner clubs if you need them.


  • Golf is a great way to "Escape the Screen" and work on Health and Wellness.

    In our world, the virtual experience is very prevalent. If you're looking for something to do that's all about beautiful, natural, touchable and real, you'll find it on the golf course. And while you're on the course, golf provides a great opportunity to walk for your health, without being a workout... especially if you can get some real, quality family or friend time. More golf courses are open to allowing less than 9 holes before work or after work as well... so it doesn't have to be a four-hour-plus block of time.


  • Golf is about the journey of getting better, NOT being a skilled expert.

    Most golfers are average in skill level and they have fun because of the joy they get in trying to hit the great shot, laughing out loud when they don't and sharing the joys with friends, family and even business colleagues.

Go to GETGOLFREADY.COM to learn more about programs that may be just what you're looking for today.


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