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Fall and Winter Score Posting

As the score posting season begins to wind down, this would be the appropriate time to remind our members of the score posting polices and status of their memberships during the late fall and winter.

Scores from rounds played within the boundaries of the Washington State Golf Association are acceptable for handicap purposes, and are transmitted to GHIN, only when they are/were played between March 1st and November 14th. Rounds played within the boundaries of the WSGA during the March 1st to November 14th time frame can be posted at any time, including during our Inactive Score Posting Period (November 15th to the last day of February). At any time, including during our Inactive Score Posting Season, should you play a round in an area of the country that is still accepting scores for handicap purposes (Examples would be Hawaii, California, Arizona, etc.) that score must be posted for handicap purposes. All scores defined as acceptable for handicap purposes should be posted as soon as practicable as they will be used in calculating your USGA Handicap Index on the next handicap revision/update.   The USGA Handicap Indexes of all active WSGA Members are updated on the 1st and 15th of every month throughout the entire year.

As a member of your Men’s or Women’s Club you are a member of the WSGA. Membership with the WSGA runs a calendar year (January 1st to December 31st). While some clubs may inactivate or delete members at any time they are encouraged to not perform that action prior to December 31st especially when the member has paid their membership dues for that year.

Should you attempt to post scores at any time and you receive a message that says that you are not currently active at GHIN then your club has made you inactive and to rectify that situation you must pay your membership dues for the upcoming year. If you plan to play in an event early in the new season please make sure that you are active at GHIN well in advance of the next handicap update. When a member is added to a club or their membership is reactivated, their USGA Handicap Index will show as NH until they have gone through the next handicap update. Should that happen to you and you need a USGA Handicap Index to play in a competition before the next handicap update, please have your club contact any member of the WSGA Membership Services Department and a Special Update of your USGA Handicap Index will be performed. When done, the Special Update will then show the USGA Handicap Index that you have earned instead of the NH.

As always, should you or your club have any question about the score posting policies or the membership status of any WSGA Member, please contact any member of the WSGA Membership Services Department at 1-800-643-6410 extension 1. 

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