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2012 PNGA Cup Final Results

2012 PNGA Cup Final Results


Victoria, British Columbia (Wednesday, May 4, 2012) – The Oregon Golf Association (OGA) pulled away from British Columbia Golf (B.C. Golf) in the singles matches on Friday to claim the 7th Annual PNGA Cup at Victoria’s Gorge Vale Golf Club and continue their recent dominance.
B.C. Golf closed the gap to 1½ points late on Friday but Eric Fiskum of the OGA sealed the deal with a 3&2 victory over Darren Kuhn of the IGA as the OGA became the first association to win the Cup three straight years. The OGA ended the two-day championship with 16 points and a 2½ point victory over B.C. Golf, who finished alone in 2nd place.
The WSGA could not overcome the four point deficit despite a solid showing in the singles matches. The first point of the day for the WSGA side came from Larry Daniels of Seattle, who knocked off Gordon Barry of B.C. Golf, 5&4. Lisa Smego of Olympia followed with a 4&3 victory over Loree McKay of the OGA, and Tom Brandes of Bellevue completed an undefeated week by knocking off Bob Wheeler of the IGA, 4&2. Ginny Burkey of Fircrest also provided a boost when she held on for a 2up victory over Terri Frohnmayer of the OGA. However, there was simply too much ground to make up as the WSGA finished the 2012 PNGA Cup in 3rd place.
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Mid-Amateur Men
Mike Haack/Stephen Lee (WSGA) def. Scott Hval/Bill Winter (OGA)  - 1up
Darren Kuhn/Dan Pickens (IGA) def. Ben Griffin/Brent Wilson (BC Golf) - 2&1
Kevin Carrigan/Bryan Scott (BC Golf) def. Stephen Hartnett/Eric Peterson (IGA) - 4&3
Eric Fiskum/Tim O’Neal (OGA) vs. Chris Bae/Dana Christianson (WSGA) - AS
Master-40 Men
Sandy Harper/Stephen Watson (BC Golf) vs. Tom Brandes/Alex Stamey (WSGA) - AS
Mark Bowler/Dave Lydell (OGA) def. Todd Points/Bob Wheeler (IGA)  - 2&1
Senior Men
Pat O’Donnell/Denny Taylor (OGA) def. Gordon Barry/Norris Dancer (IGA) - 4&3
Kent Brown/Larry Daniels (WSGA) vs. Gudmund Lindbjerg/Tony Hatchwell (BC Golf) - AS
Mid-Am Women
Christina Proteau/Alison Quinlan (BC Golf) def. Jillian Carlile/Brie Stone (OGA) - 4&2
Abby Black/Kareen Markle (IGA) def. Shawn Farmer/Leslie Folsom (WSGA) - 2&1
Senior Women
Terri Frohnmayer/Loree McKay (OGA) def. Alison Murdoch/Penny Baziuk (BC Golf) - 3&2
Shawna Ianson/Sheryl Scott (IGA) def. Ginny Burkey/Lisa Smego (WSGA) - 3&2
B.C. Golf – 3                IGA – 3                        OGA – 3½                    WSGA – 2½   
Mid-Amateur Men
Tim O’Neal/Bill Winter (OGA) def. Ben Griffin/Brent Wilson (BC Golf) - 2up
Eric Fiskum/ Scott Hval (OGA) def. Kevin Carrigan/Bryan Scott (BC Golf) - 5&3
Stephen Hartnett/Eric Peterson (IGA) def. Chris Bae/Dana Christianson (WSGA) - 2&1    
Darren Kuhn/Dan Pickens (IGA) def. Mike Haack/Stephen Lee (WSGA) - 1up     
Master-40 Men
Sandy Harper/Stephen Watson (BC Golf) def. Todd Points/Bob Wheeler (IGA) -3&2
Tom Brandes/Alex Stamey (WSGA) def. Mark Bowler/Dave Lydell (OGA) - 4&3
Senior Men
Pat O’Donnell/Denny Taylor (OGA) def. Kent Brown/Larry Daniels (WSGA) -3&2
Gudmund Lindbjerg/Tony Hatchwell (BC Golf) def. Gordon Barry/Norris Dancer (IGA) -4&3
Mid-Am Women
Jillian Carlile/Brie Stone (OGA) def. Abby Black/Kareen Markle (IGA) - 3&2
Christina Proteau/Alison Quinlan (BC Golf) def. Shawn Farmer/Leslie Folsom (WSGA) - 2&1                
Senior Women
Terri Frohnmayer/Loree McKay (OGA) def. Shawna Ianson/Sheryl Scott (IGA) - 4&3
Ginny Burkey/Lisa Smego (WSGA) def. Alison Murdoch/Penny Baziuk (BC Golf) - 3&2
Foursome Totals:
B.C. Golf – 3               IGA – 2                        OGA – 5                      WSGA – 2   

Day 1 Totals:

B.C. Golf – 6               IGA – 5                        OGA – 8½                    WSGA – 4½   
Mid-Amateur Men
Brent Wilson (BC Golf) def. Dana Christianson (WSGA) - 4&3    
Bill Winter (OGA) def. Stephen Hartnett (IGA) - 4&3
Scott Hval (OGA) def. Dan Pickens (IGA) - 2&1
Bryan Scott (BC Golf) def.       Chris Bae (WSGA) - 1up     
Stephen Lee (WSGA) vs. Ben Griffin (BC Golf)  - AS
Eric Fiskum (OGA)       def. Darren Kuhn (IGA) - 3&2                
Kevin Carrigan (BC Golf) def. Mike Haack (WSGA) - 2&1
Eric Peterson (IGA) def. Tim O’Neal (OGA) - 2&1                
Master-40 Men
Dave Lydell (OGA) def. Sandy Harper (BC Golf) - 4&2    
Stephen Watson (BC Golf) def. Mark Bowler (OGA)  - 5&4
Todd Points (IGA) def. Alex Stamey (WSGA) - 1up
Tom Brandes (WSGA) def. Bob Wheeler (IGA) - 4&2
Senior Men
Pat O’Donnell (OGA) def. Tony Hatchwell (BC Golf)  - 8&7
Larry Daniels (WSGA) def. Gordon Barry (IGA) - 5&4    
Gudmund Lindbjerg (BC Golf) vs. Denny Taylor (OGA) - AS       
Kent Brown (WSGA) def. Norris Dancer (IGA) - 2&1
Mid-Am Women
Alison Quinlan (BC Golf) vs. Abby Black (IGA) - AS
Jillian Carlile (OGA) def. Shawn Farmer (WSGA) - 5&4
Brie Stone (OGA) def. Leslie Folsom (WSGA) - 6&5
Christina Proteau (BC Golf) def. Kareen Markle (IGA) - 2&1
Senior Women
Lisa Smego (WSGA) def. Loree McKay (OGA) - 4&3
Ginny Burkey (WSGA) def. Terri Frohnmayer (OGA) - 2up
Sheryl Scott (IGA)        def. Alison Murdoch (BC Golf) - 2up
Penny Baziuk (BC Golf) def. Shawna Ianson (IGA) -1up
Singles Totals:
B.C. Golf – 7½                        IGA – 3½                      OGA – 7½                    WSGA – 5½   
B.C. Golf – 13½                      IGA – 8½                     OGA – 16                     WSGA – 10   



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